11 August 2013

select user id: AJAXonSTEROIDS [user id is available]

The user experience of this site is a thing of horror and wonder.  There are forty-eleven different ways to find guys, and a dozen or so different ways you can mark them or interact with them or somehow signal intent or interest or danger.  The pages are very interaction-heavy, so they're sort of AJAX on steroids and not in a good way, taking about a week to download.  You can delete profiles from your various queues, but the pages update each time, and usually the deleted fellow remains in your field of vision, sort of like a high-stakes game of whack-a-mole.

In desperation of a way to tag guys I thought I wanted to look at, I opened a new browser window and have dumped a bunch of their profile tabs into it.  At least this way the only metadata they get on me is that I viewed their profiles.  Anything else seems to generate a signal on the other end that the site trumpets at you, "He indicated he's interested!"

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