31 May 2010

The kitchen 5/31

Done making lunch!

The kitchen 5/31

You know he's seen it he's copy-edited it.

27 May 2010

San Vicente at Foxtail 5/27

All these jerks drove down the bike lane because traffic was backed up a little here, only there are cars parked and they can't get all the way down to 7th, so they all want us to let them back in. Which we seem reluctant to do. I wonder why?

San Vicente at Bundy 5/26

Left turn on red.

25 May 2010

Channel at Mesa 5/25

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Burlingame 5/25

Pulled out in front of me, slowed down, and then changed lanes in front of me, and slowed down.

Kenter at Sunset 5/25

After the pedestrian ran this light (it's green for southbound Kenter) THEN the school bus turned left on red.

24 May 2010

Sunset at Kenter 5/24

Left turn (two of them) on red.

San Vicente from 26th to 11th 5/24

The white sedan in the rearview mirror was tailgating both of us, switching back and forth from side to side, right on our bumpers.

18 May 2010

San Vicente at Gretna Green and westward 5/18

Tailgated relentlessly. And on the phone.

Kenter all the way down 5/18

Ten to fifteen miles an hour all the way to Sunset. Turns out he's on his phone, too.  But he didn't actually stop at at the stop signs.

14 May 2010

Kenter at Sunset 5/14

Two cars and a bonus school bus turn left on red.

12 May 2010

Kenter all the way down 5/12

She tailgated right up on my bumper all the way down to Sunset.

San Vicente at 26th 5/12

You can just see the butt end of the silver sedan that spent most of our green light cycle parked in the intersection, blocking westbound traffic in both lanes.

San Vicente at Gretna Green 5/12

Ran the stop sign.

11 May 2010

Westwood at Ohio 5/11

Left on red.

Strathmore at Gayley 5/11

This pedestrian, and a half dozen others, began crossing the street before the light turned green, meaning I couldn't make a legal right turn on red.

Kenter at Sunset 5/11

Ran the light.

Channel at Mesa 5/11

Turned left on red after stopping for the red light.  Guess he decided maybe they didn't mean for HIM to stop.

Kenter at Sunset 5/11

Pickup truck turning left on red.

10 May 2010

Sunset at Church 5/7

On the phone, most of 'em. Watching where they're going, none of 'em. Just following along with the rest of the lemmings.

Federal at Wilshire 5/10

Not watching where he's going.

Bundy at Kenter 5/10

This guy pulled out and made a left turn in front of the screaming ambulance.

05 May 2010

Spring has come to the driveway 5/5

Volunteer cheer emerges from the tarmac.

Allenford at the school 5/5

That red truck just parked itself in the middle of the northbound lane, despite the utter lack of space to actually pull into the school parking lot.

04 May 2010

The living room and the master bedroom 5/4

Done with shoes!

Pacific at Windward 5/4

HAD to be in front. Went around me on the right shoulder. So now she's in front, whoopee.

Westgate at Sunset 5/4

No tonly is he parked on the Keep Clear letters, but he's straddling the dotted lane divider.

All the way down 7th to Channel and beyond 5/4

This woman followed everyone right on their bumper, no matter where they were or how fast or slow they were going.  At first I thought she was being towed down 7th until the guy she was tailgating pulled over so she could tailgate the guy in front of him.

Kenter at Sunset 5/4

Running the light.