31 May 2008

Kenter at Bonhill 5/31

Rollllllled through the stop sign.

Sunset from Kenter to Capri 5/31

That beige Escalade tailgated the hell out of everyone and was weaving in and out of traffic.

Sunset at Allenford 5/31

Tailgated and blasted obnoxious music.

Wilshire at 26th 5/31

Ran the light.

30 May 2008

Kenter all the way down 5/30

She ran her stop sign here squeeeeezing between me and the other guy. Then she tailgated someone all the way down to Sunset.

Kenter at the school 5/30

Fire lane, not reserved for the Entitled!

20th at Arizona 5/30

Ran the light.

Bundy from San Vicente to Bonhill 5/30

15mph or less all the way.

Bundy from Pico to Montana 5/30

This guy rode my bumper the whole way.

Bundy at La Grange 5/30

Center turn lane? No, personal carpool lane.

West Channel at Mesa 5/30

Ran the light.

7th at Wilshire 5/30

Bicyclist ran the light: truly death-defying.

Broadway at 15th 5/30

Her left turn took precedence over my right turn.

Washington at 26th 5/30

Confused by many aspects of traffic circle.

Kenter at Sunset 5/30

And we're off to a running start!

29 May 2008

Westgate at Montana 5/29

Keep clear!

Montana at Stanford 5/29

Turned left from the right lane.

Broadway at Park 5/29

Your guess is as good as mine.

I-405 at I-10 5/29

Signal? Not necessary! Space for another car? Not necessary! He drives a beemer so he's Entitled to it!

Kenter at Sunset 5/29

Ran the light.

Kenter at Sunset 5/29

Both these vehicles blatantly ran the light.

Bundy at Exposition 5/29

Using the center turn lane as a personal through lane.

Bundy at Wilshire 5/29

Green Land Rover through the light.

Ocean Park at 18th 5/29

Crosswalk violation.

20th at Santa Monica 5/29

Why is it always the Mercedes drivers running the lights?

Kenter at Homewood 5/29

Keep clear!

Kenter at Homewood 5/29

Didn't stop for the stop sign.

28 May 2008

Kenter at Sunset 5/28

Nascent gridlock.

Kenter at the school 5/28

Yes she's parked in the disabled spot. No she's not got a tag.

17th below Wilshire 5/28


Princeton below Montana 5/28

Just hanging out in the middle of the street, talking. Looked put out at having to move.

Sunset at Gretna Green 5/28

Keep clear!

Ocean Park at 18th 5/28

Three cars violated the crosswalk while I was crossing; two more while the guy after me crossed.

20th at Broadway 5/28

Hummer, the first of two at this light. Technical limitations prevented capture of the second.

27 May 2008

San Vicente at Bundy 5/27

Ran the light.

Wilshire at 26th 5/27

Ran the light.

Wilshire at 14th 5/27

Big bus, two cars, and a minivan ran the light.

Wilshire at Euclid 5/27

Black car through the red light.

15th above Broadway 5/27


Cooportunity parking lot 5/27

Some people are SO Entitled.

Yale at Broadway 5/27

Hummer in flagrante delicto.

Darlington above San Vicente 5/27

A steady stream of valets and Entitled launching blindly out of the parking garage, neither looking nor caring.

San Vicente at Gorham 5/27

I can't even begin to describe it. But you know.

San Vicente at 11th 5/27

Tailgating and speeding.

Entrada at PCH 5/27

Crossing PCH against the light where the sign says No Ped Xing and there's no crosswalk.

7th at Montana 5/27

Silver sedan through the red light.

Broadway at 15th 5/27

She's backing up around the corner. Or something. None of us could tell.

San Vicente at Bundy 5/27

Right on red without stop.