29 February 2008

Joe's new ride

Taking a break from driving and shooting while we get around town greenly for a couple of days. It's hard to hold the Treo and manage to steer and balance while young Master Big is throwing his weight around in the back. So I'm parking it in the backpack until we're in a more protected ride.

27 February 2008

Barrington at Nebraska 2/27

Predictably ran the light.

I-10 at Santa Monica 2/27

This guy wouldn't let me into the exit only lane only to zoom by, skip past a bunch of backed up traffic, to then dive back into the lane by crossing over the exit median. There is a special eighth level of hell for his kind.

17th at Wilshire 2/27

Pink light go faster!

Santa Monica at 16th 2/27

Between the gold Mercedes turning left and the big blue bus stopped to load up, traffic is backed up to 14th or so.

San Vicente at Burlingame 2/27

Yes, it must be Burlingame for this lady who has parked her car in the left lane.

San Vicente at Bundy 2/27

Ran the light.

Gretna Green at Shetland 2/27

Not only couldn't he be bothered to stop at the stop sign, but he whipped around the right of the minivan that did stop.

20th at Pico 2/27

Ran the red light.

Anita below Sunset 2/27

Hummer again!

San Vicente at Montana 2/26

Too frickin' many hummers!

San Vicente at Saltair 2/26

Hummer butt!

No idea where this is 2/26

But I do rcognize why I took the picture: hummer!

San Vicente at Montana 2/26

This hummer made a U-turn on red. He DID stop first.

26 February 2008

Cooportunity parking lot 2/25

There were lots of spaces, but this lady was entitled to pop in for a moment without actually pulling her car into one.

Entrada at Channel 2/26

I can't figure out what this intersection is, but I do know that a red light means STOP.

17th at Washington 2/26

Ran the stop sign.


Something funky's going on with my SMS service, and not all my posts are getting to the blog, and those that do make it are not all in the right order. (I have a magnificent one of a hummer making a U-turn on red at San Vicente and Montana that I've sent three times and it still doesn't appear, dagnabit!) So if I make reference to things out of order, well, I don't know what to tell you. They're supposed to stand alone, but sometimes they don't. Oh well!

Alley behind the library 2/26

Not only did this red car come the wrong way down this alley, but then she parked in a nonspace. Reserved for the Entitled, of course. Joke's on her: there was TV parking right up against the building!

20th at Arizona 2/26

There in the shadows you can see a black Jaguar turning right on red without stopping and without regard for oncoming traffic.

Washington at 20th 2/26

No one knows whose turn it is to go.

Kenter at Bonhill 2/26

Ran the light. These last four posts are the result of a quick 10-minute jaunt from the coffeeshop to the post office and up the hill to home. Three songs on the iPod. This IS Entitlement!

Sunset at Bundy 2/26

I stopped for this light. He sped through it. It's OK, I caught up to him at the light at Kenter.

San Vicente at 14th 2/26

Just threw his car in front of mine. Looked before he did it, too.

Barrington at Sunset 2/26

Ran the light.

Gorham at Barrington 2/26

Keep clear!

Gretna Green at Dunoon 2/25

Ran the stop sign.

7th at Alta 2/26

Didn't stop at the stop sign.

Washington at 25th 2/25

This is where the guy in the truck stopped for his stop sign.

7th at Washington 2/26


25 February 2008

20th at Arizona 2/25

Same intersection, different direction on the red light violation.

Kenter at Sunset 2/25

Didn't stop for the light.

20th at Arizona 2/25

Ran the light.

Kenter at Sunset 2/25

It's a good thing I don't just pull out when the light turns green, huh?

20th at California 2/25

The black sedan didn't stop for the stop sign.

West Channel at Mesa 2/25

Through the light!

7th below Arizona 2/25

Fender bender, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out who was doing what to make it happen.

Broadway at 11th 2/25

Twofer red light.

Washington at 23rd 2/25

First of all, that truck is moving. But not fast enough for the line of Entitled behind it, all of whom just swung their expensive cars out into the oncoming traffic with the full expectation that OF COURSE we would yield to them, can't we SEE how Entitled they are? And indeed I can, and thanks to the wonder that is the internet, so can you.

22 February 2008

Santa Monica at 6th 2/22

This guy has been in the intersection for an entire signal cycle.

Bundy at Idaho 2/21

This car ran the light and then a northbound one turned left on red.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/22

What AM I, chopped liver? Another crosswalk violation this morning.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/22

Even though Joe and I are in the crosswalk this SUV blasted through.

Washington at 21st 2/22

See the kids and mom poised to cross in the yellow school crosswalk? See the Entitled blowing through it?

Washington at 20th 2/22

This Audi lost track of whose turn it was to go at the four-way stop. It wasn't his turn.

Moreno above Montana 2/22

It's too bad that so many of these fancy cars don't come equipped with turn signals. This Mini just slowed to a stop in the middle of the street.

21 February 2008