25 November 2009

Bundy below Santa Monica 11/25

Speeding and tailgating.

Kenter at Sunset 11/25

Nothing like a little personal grooming to keep a Mustang driver looking his best.

Westwood at Olympic 11/25

Ran the light.

I-405 between Wilshire and Santa Monica 11/25

The guy in the taupe Honda was a real piece of work. Driving too fast he whipped in behind me just as I got out of the way of a huge red dump truck. He rode my bumper at 75mph, the whipped around me shaking his flaming bird at me.  Then traffic slowed and I caught up to him at the Santa Monica exit where he whipped around me, exited, cranked down his window and shot me the bird again, long and big. Such a big man.

The living room 11/25

Still done with bills!

The bedroom 11/25

Done traveling!  Home since last Monday, but hey! Traveling again next Friday.

Allenford at Brinkley 11/25

Ran the light.

San Vicente at 26th 11/25

Three cars parked in the intersection blocking traffic. Each of them ran the left turn signal.

24 November 2009

Bundy at San Vicente 11/24

Couldn't wait for an opening where he could safely pull out, so he did it unsafely, causing swerving and swearing.

Kenter at Bonhill 11/24

Ran the stop sign.

The living room 11/24

Still done with bills!

23 November 2009

The living room 11/23

Done with bills!

San Vicente at Bundy 11/23

Two cars run the light. [hmmm... Seems like the new phone dropped the photo. I wonder why?]

San Vicente at Montana 11/23

Two cars run the left turn signal.

San Vicente at 4th 11/23

Lady you're supposed to look, not just signal, before you pull out in traffic.

Kenter at Hanley 11/23

Got one!

20 November 2009

Bundy at Santa Monica 11/20

No cure for testosterone.

San Vicente at Montana 11/20

One two three cars run the light.

Charles Young at Gayley 11/20

Pedestrian with a death wish.

Strathmore at Charles Young 11/20

Speeding around and past from the right to cross over to the left.

Sunset from Burlingame to Gretna Green 11/20

This guy had a spankin' new muscle car and was definitely in its thrall, zooming and weaving, tailgating and revving. At one point he deliberately and dangerously ripped between me and a Porsche just to slow down once in front of me. Yeah, you bad, you faster than a housewife in a 31-year old bus.

19 November 2009

Kenter at the school 11/19

Parked waaaaaaaay out in the driveway.

Kenter at the school 11/19

See that curb? It's red. Reserved parking for the Entitled.

Kenter at the school 11/19

More parking for the Entitled.  That's what, six today? Multiply that by every day of the school year.

Kenter at the school 11/19

At least they have the DP plates. But did they have to park on the curb?

Kenter at the school 11/19

Parking for the Entitled.

Sunset at Gretna Green 11/19

Keep clear!

18 November 2009

San Vicente at 26th 11/18

The Entitled regularly run the light here in order to park their cars in the intersection, making all of us later than we need to be.

12 November 2009