05 August 2011

Kenter at the school and all the way down 8/5

This woman swooped up behind me, crossed the double yellow line to pass me, ran the stopsigns at Homewood, Tuallitan, and Bonhill, passed two more cars by crossing the double yellow line, and all so she could be first in line at the stoplight.  I think she ought to lay off the testosterone supplements.

10 June 2011

Got this off the twitterz

Amazing photos of auto accidents in Los Angeles.  I love the light, and the dirt, in these.  Very few of them are in Entitlement, though.

02 June 2011

At the library 6/2

No parking spaces?  That's OK, we're Entitled, we'll make our own.

17 April 2011

Tweed at Gretna Greeen 4/17

Me: Are you really going to park there?
She: I do it all the time.
Me: it's red there.
She: I know.

25 March 2011

Garland at 13th (DMV) 3/25

Even in Texas, that red stripe on the street means 'reserved parking for the Entitled.'

18 March 2011

San Vicente at 26th 3/18

This lady ran the red light on 26th so that she could thoroughly block two lanes of westbound traffic, including this gaggle of bicyclists who dispersed around her, further blocking the rest of us.  Have you ever seen such rampant Entitlement?

09 March 2011

I-10 east from Arlington to LaBrea 2/25

This guy was wearing everyone's underwear all the way outta downtown and beyond.

16 February 2011

Motor at Washington 2/16

The rest of the world has gone stark raving mad, but we're still running red lights in Entitlement.

14 February 2011

Westwood at Wilshire 2/14

From our guest blogger, Alberta.  Apparently this MTA bus is stopped in the intersection, blocking traffic.  That is one sure way to generate a good feeling for the Metro on the west side of Entitlement!

12 February 2011

Blockbuster parking lot 2/12

Parked (mostly) in the handicapped space. No visible tags. But a convertible's gotta be parked somewhere, right?  And you can't just drive for minutes looking for a legal space.  And that handicapped space is just there, no one's using it...

08 February 2011

Rodeo at Coliseum 2/8

If you look closely you can see the lady and her young daughter crossing against the light.

Rodeo at Clyde 2/8

Ran the light in order to block the intersection.

29 January 2011

Library 1/29

Neither of these is a compact car, as evidenced by their need for two spaces.