30 June 2008

San Vicente east of 26th 6/30

Somking a smelly cigar and sporting a bumper sticker: Peace through superior firpower.

West Channel above Mesa 6/30

Double-parked, despite having been towed earlier this month from more-or-less the same place for the same thing. I love the Entitled!

21 June 2008

17th at Wilshire 6/21

The minivan is making a U-turn but the light has changed and pedestrians are in the crosswalk. The other car just ran the light.

Lincoln at Olympic 6/21

Needs to be in the other lane.

Main above Ocean Park 6/21

Parked in the red zone.

Main at Hill 6/21

Ran the light.

Entrada at PCH 6/21

See that black Escalade? It's making a U-turn right under the NO U-TURN sign.

Neilson at Bicknell 6/21

Ran the light.

20 June 2008

Veteran at Sunset 6/20

This car just wandered into the intersection, so late that our light was yellow by the time we could go.

Sunset at Church 6/20

The red car has turned right from the far left-turn lane, across four lanes of greenlighted traffic. And I thought the maladroit had gone extinct!

18 June 2008

Kenter at the school 6/17

In case you felt you were missing out on your daily Entitlement!

17 June 2008

Bundy from Olympic to Wilshire 6/17

Poking along at 15mph.

Centinela above Venice 6/17

Just cruisin' down the center turn lane...

Sepulveda at Venice 6/17

Black SUV ran the light.

Sepulveda at Manchester 6/17


LAX at Terminal 5

Why are we going 8mph?

Sepulveda at Manchester 6/17

Look at that cloud of exhaust!

Alley behind the library 6/17

Mercedes going the wrong way down the one-way alley. And then just parking. Because the library lot is full. And the rules are different for the Entitled.

San Vicente at Montana 6/17

This car is stopped in the middle of the intersection, blocking traffic. So is one behind it. As are the two behind me.

Wilshire at Westgate 6/17

Keep clear!

Literati parking lot 6/17

See? The news is barely a week old and already they're starting to deteriorate.

Wilshire at Granville 6/17

Crossing against the light. Death-defying!

16 June 2008

Kenter at Homewood 6/16

Big ol' Navigator just rolled through the stop sign.

Kenter at the school 6/16

And then the other Entitled, who park in the fire lane.

15 June 2008

Sunset at Veteran 6/16

Not the photo I intended to take but there it is. Ran the light.

I-405 at Sunset exit 6/16

Ugly pile-up.

Sunset from I-405 to UCLA 6/16

Silver Saab tailgated the green Honda with less than a car's length following distance.

Sunset at Beverly 6/15

Keep clear!

Kenter at Tigertail 6/15

Would have run the stop sign if I hadn't glared and raised the camera.

7th at Alta 6/15

Ran the stop sign.

13 June 2008

PCH approaching California 6/13

This guy just had to be in front of me.

Bundy at San Vicente 6/13

Ran the light.

Bundy all the way up 6/13

She drove her brand new Corvette with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake the whole way.

Ocean Park at 31st 6/13

Ran the light.