31 March 2009

Wilshire at Veteran 3/31

There's a whole lane here dedicated to folks turning right onto Veteran but this nitwit has to stop. Turns out he wants to turn left from this lane.

Sepulveda at Ohio 3/31

Ran the light.

Sepulveda at the VA 3/31

Keep clear!

26th at Wilshire 3/31

Ran the light.

Sunset at Allenford 3/31

Hummer ran the red light but there wasn't anywhere for it to go, so it sat in the intersection, blocking traffic and burning fuel.

Kenter at Sunset 3/31

You can't tell from the picture because southbound traffic has a protected left turn here, but this red pickup paused as the light turned red, and then rolled into the intersection.

San Vicente at Bundy 3/31

Weaving and slowing and speeding and weaving.

San Vicente from 20th to 26th 3/31

Tailgated so closely that sometimes I couldn't see her headlights..

Sunset at Kenter 3/31

The white station wagon was in the intersection when the light turned red. The other car was not.

30 March 2009

San Vicente at Montana 3/30

Two cars running the left turn signal that has long since turned red.

San Vicente at 26th 3/30

Driving in the bike lane.

28 March 2009

San Vicente at Bundy 3/28

This wouldn't be so egregious a maneuver if he hadn't forced his way into the left turn lane just moments before.

27 March 2009

Kenter at the school 3/27

The red zone is reserved parking for the Entitled only.

San Vicente at Bundy 3/27

See that black sedan running the left turn signal? It was the first of THREE cars to run the light there.

26 March 2009

25 March 2009

The corner of the living room 3/25

Over 9000 minutes since first the box was unpacked. Who knew we needed more used sandpaper?

Sunset at Church 3/25

This guy blew through the right turn only lane to pass me on the right. Effing tourists!

Sunset at Church 3/25

The drivers at the front of all three lanes sat tight even after the light turned green. Lots of honking!

24 March 2009

Alley behind the library 3/24

We don't need no stinkin' Do Not Enter signs!

Gorham at San Vicente 3/24

Oh so THAT'S how you make a left turn in Entitlement.

17 March 2009

At the end of Rochedale 3/17

Parked between the full trashbins and the street where the trash truck will come. Sometimes Entitlement ain't got the sense God gave cole slaw.

Entrada all the way down 3/17

Driving really erratically: weaving, slowing, speeding. Giving her a wide berth.

Bundy below Montana 3/17

Well I wasn't moving fast enough to catch him in flagrante delicto but this guy drove half a block down the wrong side of Bundy to turn into this driveway.

Kenter up to Sunset 3/17


16 March 2009

The kitchen counter 3/5

Done opening chips AND candied pecans!

Barrington approaching Sunset 3/6

We don't need no stinkin' lane lines!

Barrington at Sunset 3/6

Ran the light.

Moreno at San Vicente 3/9

This asshole pulled up from behind me on the right as I was making a left turn and then turned left in front of me from my right side. And then couldn't figure out why I was blowing my horn at him. This AFTER tailgating me for half a mile down San Vicente. I was so furious that I was thisclose to calling 911 to report a drunk driver.

Brentwood Science Magnet 3/10

The Entitled will park anywhere. This guy not only had no placard, but parked in the wheelchair zone between two disabled slots.

13 March 2009

03 March 2009

Overland at Missouri 3/3

Driving down the wrong side of the street.

Exposition at National 3/3

The silver pickup on the right has made four lanes where there are only three, and sure enough, blew through the intersection.

Allenford at the school 3/3

Dang that's one expensive car! And it doesn't even come with turn signals. Brentwood does austerity.

Sunset all the way to Allenford 3/3

Yammering on the phone pressed against her face with one hand as she uses the other hand to weave that boxcar she's driving all over the road.

Kenter at the school 3/3

Silver Audi parked in the Entitlement zone.

I-405 at National 3/3


Kenter at the school 3/3

Ford Stomper parked in the Entitlement zone.

01 March 2009

Crestwood Hills Park 3/1

This is not public parking. Unless of course you're Entitled. Which of course he is. Just look where he's parked.