30 May 2009

28 May 2009

27 May 2009

Sunset at Layton 5/27

Who honks over and over again at a car parked off the street with its hazards on? These people, that's who.

Sunset inching eastward 5/27

Gawd love him, but Obama's trip through the west side of Entitlement has totally fucked traffic. I've been inching from Allenford towards UCLA in first gear for nearly half an hour and I'm still not even to Barrington yet.

Sunset at Gretna Green 5/27

Keep clear!

Sunset at Carmelina 5/27

Keep clear!

Olympic at Cloverfield 5/27

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Bundy 5/27

Ran the light.

Homewood at Kenter 5/27

Just driving and honking Entitled.

26 May 2009

22 May 2009

Bundy at Gorham 5/22

They're on the phone. They pull their bigass Ford Stompers out in front of you, even though they have a stop sign and you don't, and they stop. And when you honk at them and gesture in righteous indignation they look at you with cow eyes as if to say, "What IS your problem?"

Kenter below Sunset 5/22

Lane lines? Who needs 'em?

Hanley at Rochedale 5/22

Ran the stop sign.

Sunset at Beverly 5/22

Keep clear!

21 May 2009

Sunset at Canon 5/21

I was a little slow gearing up when the light went green so she ripped around me and then cut in front of me causing me to brake and swerve and swear and shoot.

Sunset at Westwood 5/21


Hanley all the up to Rochedale 5/21

Why is it so hard for these expensive cars to steer that they can't drive on the right side of the road? or stop at stop signs?

Sunset at Kenter 5/21

A standoff.

26th at Rockingham 5/21

One woman's safe following distance is to some room for a Mercedes SUV.

20 May 2009

Sunset at I-405 5/20

The line of cars to get onto the freeway here is backed up about a mile. These people who cruise up to the front of the line and then hold up the traffic in the through lane so they can jump to the head of the line make my temples throb with barely contained road rage.

Federal at Wilshire 5/20

Red Bull runs the red light.

Centinela at Olympic 5/20

Ran the light.

Montana at Barrington 5/20

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Bundy 5/20

Ran the light.

19 May 2009

Barrington at Montana 5/19

Big Blue Bus turned left on red into a gridlocked intersection.

Sunset at Kenter 5/19

Ridiculous aftermarket wheel cover-cum-fins for the T-bird are so ugly they ought to be illegal.

San Vicente from 7th to 26th 5/19

Just driving like assholes.

San Vicente at 26th 5/19

This guy turned left on red into an intersection filled with cars and made two lanes where there is only one. It doesn't sound as bad as it was, given that there was also a pedestrian in the mix somewhere. It was like downtown Rome in the 80s.