21 October 2010

the kitchen counter 10/2 - present

Two weeks ago I was asked two days running to make second coffee.  Coffee out since then!

11 October 2010

Figueroa at Jefferson 10/11

Ran the light, both of 'em.

Kenter at Sunset and Sunset all the way to Barrington 10/11

This lady was one of four cars that ignored the fact that the protected left turn arrow had cycled off and just kept turning left in front of traffic that had the right of way going north on Kenter.  And then she was reading email or something on her iPhone, barely looking at the road at all.

Rochedale at Hanley 10/10

Blew through the stop sign.

07 October 2010

San Vicente at Bundy 10/7

Look, if you're not going to turn right, don't pull into the RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT lane.  Duh.

04 October 2010

Olympic at Centinela 10/2

This gentleman, when a gesture of hopelessness was made about his prior questionable manoeuvre, slammed on his brakes right in front of me with no warning but clear malice aforethought.  Really, sir?  You truly wish for me to slam my 32-year old bus into the back of your shiny late model BMW?