31 December 2007

Parkway Calabasas at US 101 12/30

Forgot the after stop part of the right turn on red rule.

I-405 north of Getty Center Drive 12/30

Black Corvette too full of testosterone tailgated at 75mph.

28 December 2007

Sunset from Bellagio to the I-405 12/28

The driver of this Prius harassed the driver of the minivan by driving right on his bumper in two lanes. Then he zoooomed by, crossing the double yellow line to do so.

24 December 2007

Hanley from Kenter to Rochedale 12/24

Is 15mph really safe if the speed limit is posted at 30?

21 December 2007

20 December 2007

San Vicente at Bundy 12/20

Two cars ran the light here, both of them well after it was red.

Kenter at Bundy 12/20

Not bothering to wait for a break in traffic, the driver of this nice silver truck put his full faith in the brakes and tires of my rental car on the wet pavement, hurling his truck in front of me to turn left.

Kenter at Sunset 12/20

By the time I was close enough to take the photo, the gridlock had eased sufficiently that a few of us were able to squeeeeeeze through the intersection while our light was green. But there was first much indignant honking.

California at 22nd 12/20

Do you see the stop sign for this woman? No, there isn't one. But she stopped, throwing the rest of us into confusion.

Bundy at San Vicente 12/20

Is this where you would leave your car? If you said yes, you're a denizen of Entitlement.

4th at Arizona 12/20

Parked hummer. Chris at the car rental place said, "You'll be fine in the Aveo. Unless you get crushed by a hummer. Gawd I hate those cars!" We're with you on that one, Chris.

Yale at Santa Monica 12/20

The classic: a red light that so obviously does not apply to the Entitled.

San Vicente from Ocean to 26th 12/19

This beemer tailgated me, then a PT Cruiser, and then blew by both of us in a fit of turbo-charged pique. But he was stopped at the same light as us at 26th. And he had to wait there longer than we did.

Ocean at Wilshire 12/19

This woman was very indignant that I wouldn't let her in front of me too (after the two others who had forced their way in) and began yammering at me about the rules of the road. As if.

Barnard at Ocean Park 12/19

Why we put up with it all.

19 December 2007

Broadway at 15th 12/19

Two hummers in as many blocks. Wouldn't it be better to use those excess funds to, say, fund a scholarship? House the homeless? Cure cancer? I bet the tax deduction would come out the same, and it would be far less conspicuous.

Broadway at 17th 12/19

Hummer, consuming more than their fair share. Which is saying something, in Entitlement!

Broadway east of 20th 12/19

I wish I had a personal traffic bypass lane too!

26th at Santa Monica 12/19

You can just make out the backend of the second violating car in this photo.

San Vicente at Santa Monica 12/19

Red light stop!

Farmers Market parking lot 12/19

That sign? It says "No Parking".

Farmers Market parking lot 12/19

The Entitled don't need no stinkin' spaces, especially if they need their Starbucks.

4th at Arizona 12/19

The rain has stopped and the gloves are off: red light violations are rampant (i.e., normal) today.

Ocean Park at 18th 12/19

The city repainted the lines on Ocean Park last week in an effort to slow down traffic, but folks are still blowing through the crosswalk.

26th at Washington 12/19

Unclear on the concept of yield. Again.

San Vicente at Montana 12/18

Today I tried to be generous with folks about running the red lights, as I know it's hard to stop quickly when the streets are slick. But this guy was waaaaay out of line here: he ran the light waaaaaay after it had changed. Didn't even slow down.

Montana from Berkeley to Bundy 12/18

The driver of this beemer tailgated the van with less than a car's length in the rain, weaving back and forth as if it were impatient to pass. The van responded by driving nice and slow.

Montana at Centinela 12/18

This is why we're supposed to have our lights on in the rain.

26th at Wilshire 12/18

Sheriff runs the light. In the rain.

26th above Wilshire 12/18

GM has a new commercial out all about how helpful the hummer is in emergencies. I guess that's fear. It sure as heck ain't sex. It IS morally repugnant. But if you're working in marketing for hummers, I guess you're already a lost cause.

San Vicente at Moreno 12/18

Hummer in the rain. Note that the sprinklers are also going. They've been on every morning for a week. But we live in Entitlement, so hummers and sprinklers in the rain make sense.

18 December 2007

UCLA Medical Center parking lot 12/18

Fairly typical parking practice for a hummer, throughout the land of Entitlement.

16 December 2007

San Vicente west of 17th 12/15

Is the surplus hummer better or worse than the fashion hummer? I think better but not by much.

17th at Montana 12/15

Entitled parking in the library lot.

Montana at Berkeley 12/15

Parked hummer. Last week I saw the most offensively consumptive thing ever: a stretch hummer. I was mortally offended.

15 December 2007

San Vicente at Montana 12/15

This guy ripped by me on the right, ignoring the mandatory right turn, and merged into my lane in the middle of the intersection.

14 December 2007

San Vicente at Bundy 12/14

Blatant red light violation.

26th at Washington 12/14

Another denizen of Entitlement sorely confused by the notion of "yield".

Kenter at Sunset 12/14

This woman is just parked in the middle of the intersection, looking around for somewhere to put her car. Maybe the time to think about that is BEFORE she pulls it into the intersection.

13 December 2007

Bundy at San Vicente 12/13

Ran the left turn signal, almost grazing pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk.

Bundy below San Vicente 12/13

This woman just pulled out of the alley and stopped, blocking northbound traffic so she could turn south.

Wilshire at Centinela 12/13

Ignored the "after stop" part of the right turn on red law.

Wilshire at Wellesley 12/13

This was one of a series of cars that drove down the wrong side of the street here to bypass traffic.

Wilshire at Centinela 12/13

Ran the light long after it had changed.

Kenter at Bonhill 12/13

Ran the stopsign really fast.

Hanley at Hanley 12/13

These two were having some kind of altercation, probably from the beemer tailgating the Mercedes, but the Mercedes signalled a left turn and then pulled into the intersection and stopped. The beemer tried to pull around on the left, and the Mercedes pulled out further and stopped again. Finally folks came to their senses, the Mercedes made the turn, and the beemer drove off, probably to tailgate someone else.

26th at Santa Monica 12/13

I'm sick as a dog today but that doesn't mean I can't take photos! I dunno what the driver of this Volvo was thinking. He waited behind the crosswalk until well after the light had changed and then suddenly I was dodging the safest car in the world as I follow the rules of the road and he ran the light. A new denizen of Entitlement, he had Arizona plates.