30 April 2009

Entrada at Mesa 4/30

Behind me in the left turn lane, he leaned on his horn when the light turned yellow, despite the fact that oncoming traffic hadn't stopped.

San Vicente at Gale 4/30

Both the Jeep and the Land Rover HAD to be in front of me so they tailgated until they could get by. And here they both are. In front of me at the light.

Alley behind the library 4/30

Driving the wrong way.

Kenter all the way up 4/29

This lady kept driving up to my bumper and then backing off and zooming up and backing off. Made me nervous.

Bundy at Goshen 4/29

Shiny silver sedan crossed Bundy in front of traffic trying to turn left onto Goshen. So very entitled!

The living room 4/29

Day three of payroll taxes. Done with shoes, too.

San Vicente at Bundy 4/29

This sliver of a Honda and a pickup truck both ran the light.

29 April 2009

PCH at Entrada 4/29

Hummer. I read in the paper this weekend that the Escalade costs twice as much and gets worse mpg. So Escalade drivers, you are served notice that you are hereby on double secret probation.

Ocean Park at 18th 4/29

Crosswalk violation.

Avondale at Evanston 4/29

Ran the stop sign.

27 April 2009

Kenter at Sunset 4/27

Right after I took this picture of this car running the light westbound, an SUV from the other direction blew through the light. By the time it was safe for me to go my protected left turn signal was yellow.

25 April 2009

Sepulveda at Nebraska 4/25

Ran the light to make a U-turn.

Sepulveda above Ohio 4/25


San Vicente at Bundy and Montana 4/25

First she went straight through the red light at Bundy without even braking, and then she turned right on red at Montana where it's prohibited.

24 April 2009

Kenter at Tigertail 4/24

This one ran the stopsign and turned left in front of me.

San Vicente from 11th to 26th 4/24

Turned onto San Vicente and immediately moved behind me where she rode my bumper until I pulled over to let her pass. She promptly pulled up to the next guy's bumper and tailgated him to Bundy.

San Vicente from 26th to 7th 4/24

The three black cars all came from behind me going really fast weaving and dodging and having some sort of pissing contest, jumping in front of each other. I just kept going 38mph and kept an eye on them so when they caused an accident I wouldn't get in it.

Kenter at Sunset 4/24

Access Paratransit van ran the light.

23 April 2009

Kenter at Homewood 4/23

Ran the stop sign.

Bundy at San Vicente 4/23

First this jerk swerved out of his lane into mine to turn right in front of me from the left, and then he tailgated everyone all the way up Kenter, running the stop signs at Bonhill and Tuallitan both. I'd lay even odds the disabled hangtag was acquired through questionable means.

Gorham at San Vicente 4/23


22 April 2009

Sunset at Barrington 4/22

Both the red car turning in front of us and the dark grey Infiniti turning right on red are just driving Entitled.

Sunset at Bundy 4/22

Driving down the wrong side of the street.

Sunset at Beverly 4/22

Keep clear!

Santa Monica at Beloit 4/22

Dang! Wouldja LOOK at that!

Sunset at Bundy 4/22

USPS truck followed an Audi down the wrong side of Sunset to turn left on Saltair.

Sunset at Granville 4/22

Keep clear!

Sunset at Saltair 4/22

Right after I shot this photo that same Time Warner Cable van went through this same red light.

Sunset at Carmelina 4/22

Keep clear!

Kenter at Sunset 4/22

He ran the light there. I caught up with him at Mandeville, where this photo was taken.

Federal at Wilshire 4/22

Turned right on red, sign be damned.

Sawtelle at Santa Monica 4/22

Silver sedan ran the light.

Sunset at the Archer School 4/22

Left-turn strategies for the Entitled.

San Vicente near Wilshire 4/22

Is she broken down? In the throes of road rage? Catatonic? It's not clear, but I think hazard lights might be appropriate.

Lincoln at Bay 4/22

This white car is crossing Lincoln by just pulling out in the street, traffic an rules of the road be damned!

Ocean Park at 28th 4/22

Little kid on the front of the scooter. Death-defying for sure!

Kenter at Sunset 4/22

Ran the light.

21 April 2009

Kenter at Homewood 4/20

Sad sight

Getting towed to the mechanic. $700 to fix the gas leak, the ignition, the battery, disconnect the alarm system (wha...?! alarm system?), tune it up and install the new passenger side vent window (which is the one that cools the driver, so hey, why not?). And I'm still going to need to lube the door and in about six months have the front ball joints done, which requires a special tool and costs $800 to do. Methinks this myth of the cheap old VW bus is just that.

Kenter at the school 4/21

Parking for the Entitled V and VI.

Kenter at the school 4/21

Parking for the Entitled IV.

Kenter at the school 4/21

Parking for the Entitled III.

Kenter at the school 4/21

Parking for the Entitled II.