18 August 2013

Butt-sniffing report

Another nice guy, a computer geek.  He looked delighted when I showed up, offered the tacos.  Has five kids, ranging from old enough to be on OKC themselves to elementary school.  Was lamenting that he couldn't find anyone to take all the spare computer parts that he has, and was delighted to learn that the middle school robotics programs would probably be very interested.  Conversation ebbed and flowed, but there were decidedly dead spots.  I gave him a lift home (he has no car) and during the ride he confided that he'd had three OKC dates, two of which had been horrific, and counseled me to be wary of anyone who appears to be a perfect algorithmic match.  Actually, his exact words were, "Run screaming away."  Also asked if he could call me again.  He's probably not a good fit; his photo is 40 from pounds ago.

We will wait and see.

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