31 January 2009

Hanley at Hanley 1/30

Neither luxury vehicle driver would yield right of way so we all waited until they got it sorted.

30 January 2009

Kenter at Homewood 1/30

Not sure what's going on here; she's just sitting in her car reading with it parked all cattawumpus poking out in the street. Oh and there's an orange cone.

San Vicente at Montana 1/30

Ran the light.

29 January 2009

Sunset at Barrington 1/29

Hummer in flagrante delicto: that of being a hummer.

Church at Sepulveda 1/29

Gridlock makers.

Sunset at Barrington 1/29

Turned right on red in front of someone with a green light.

Sunset at Westgate 1/29

You can just see there under that big truck where it says KEEP CLEAR.

Kenter at Sunset 1/29

This guy totally ran the light without looking to see if there was room for his car. There wasn't because I did the same thing and am sticking way out in the intersection.

Sunset at Saltair 1/29

Ran the light.

Sunset at Bowling Green 1/29

Two westbound cars driving in the eastbound lanes.

Sunset at Bowling Green 1/29

Driving east in the westbound lanes.

Gorham at San Vicente 1/29

You can just make out the black coupe in the shadows. He thought he'd get a jump on his left turn so as soon as the light turned green he roared into the intersection...only the pedestrian got there first. So he had to stop, blocking the through traffic in the other direction.

San Vicente at Montana 1/29

Both the bus and the car behind it ran the light.

Entrada at Mesa 1/29

This Prius driver kept ripping around people on the shoulder; she did it twice that I saw, once to me and once to another Prius at another signal. Despite these strongarm tactics guess what? There we all were adjacent to each other at the next light.

28 January 2009

Sunset from Bundy to the I-405 1/28

This guy was in a hurry. Yes it's been an ugly traffic day but that does not justify the shenanigans this professional driver pulled. Such as pulling ahead of backed-up traffic in the left turn lane and then squeezing back in at the signal. Or blocking the entire intersection in three directions for a left turn after the light has changed. Or turning left illegally, driving over the pylons placed in the road, to get onto the 405 north ramp, instead of doing it legally, which was unfortunately backed up.

Sunset at Granville 1/28

Keep clear!

Sunset at Allenford 1/28

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Burlingame 1/28

Just driving a hummer is both criminal (tax fraud) and trying to kill me with the emissions from your car. Why are these streetlegal?

I-10 at Lincoln 1/28

Tailgated. At 70mph.

I-405 at Santa Monica 1/28

Slowed from 60 to 40 for...what? a hallucination? A phone call? an itch?

San Vicente at Gorham 1/28

Causing gridlock.

San Vicente at Goshen 1/28

Dang it I missed the car that made the illegal U-turn and the no U-turn sign.

San Vicente at Burlingame 1/28

Going way too fast down this busy street, weaving and tailgating.

27 January 2009

Sunset at Beverly 1/27

Keep clear!

Hanley at Hanley 1/27

Couldn't figure out how to thread the gap here so just stopped.

Federal at Wilshire 1/27

Gridlock maker.

Kenter at the school 1/27

Parked in the red zone. The school has new signs that clearly designate the red zone as an 'emergency vehicle lane.' That's the sign you see there next to the driver's door. Yes, I put it there.

San Vicente at Foxtail 1/27

Tailgating and speeding.

26 January 2009

San Vicente at Montana 1/26

Hummer driver on the phone. Not handsfree nosiree.

23 January 2009

At the middle school 1/24

Parked in the handicapped spot. No placard in sight.

At the middle school 1/24

Um lady? That's not a parking space AND you aren't displaying a disabled placard.

22 January 2009

Kenter at Tuallitan 1/22

Same black Lexus from the previous post ran this stop sign AND the one at Bonhill too.

San Vicente at Bundy 1/22

That, my friends, is a right turn into oncoming traffic. She ended up doing it in three points Plus she's on her phone.

San Vicente at Gretna Green 1/22

Going way too fast.

7th at San Vicente 1/22

Turned right on red despite three signs forbidding it.

Lincoln at Pico 1/22

The white hummers always look like Darth Vader's stormtroopers ought to be behind the wheel.

Ocean Park at 18th 1/22

Accelerating towards the pedestrian.

San Vicente at 26th 1/22

Ran the light.

21 January 2009

Sunset at Saltair 1/21

Threaded the gap entirely too closely and too fast to be at all safe, this big black Escalate with dark tinted windows and no license tags.

Sunset at Saltair 1/21

Gridlock makers.

Sunset at Kenter 1/21

I didn't pull into the intersection and block it so these people turned right on red, thus blocking the flow of traffic in the greenlight direction. Not illegal I suppose but certainly very Entitled.

Sunset at I-405 1/21

Three lanes of traffic at a standstill because someone needs to get on the freeway from the left-most lane.

20 January 2009

Post Office 1/20

Parked in the red zone.

The front porch 1/20

Done with ski boots! We've been home for ten days now, and they've been sitting there since then.

18 January 2009

16 January 2009

26th at Brentwood 1/16

To quote Mr. T, "I pity the fool..." who bought a hummer and now can't get out of the lease. Only I don't, really.

15 January 2009

San Vicente from 26th to 7th 1/15

Not only was he doing 52mph (according the Your Speed sign) but then he cut me off so as to be in front of me at the stop light.

Entrada at Mesa 1/15

Ran the light.

Kenter at Bonhill 1/15

Didn't bother to stop at the stop sign.

San Vicente at Gorham 1/15

Ran the light.