31 January 2008

Overland at I-10 entrance ramp 1/31

Turned right on red. Hey, at least he stopped!

Entrance to UCLA Lot 4 and Young 1/31

This woman turned right on red into the left lane nearly creaming me and a couple of pedestrians, and then steadfastly refused to acknowledge my presence all the way down to the kiosk.

Cloverfield at Colorado 1/31

Jaywalkin' Cloverfield! Death-defying foshizzle.

26th below Washington 1/31

A classic: the center turn lane as personal thruway.

Cloverfield near Olympic 1/31

Twice in two blocks!

30 January 2008

Ocean Park at 18th 1/30

Barely visible, but there are the wheels of the car that didn't stop for a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Broadway at 20th 1/30

Motorcyclist ran the light.

Broadway at 16th 1/30

Wrong way!

Broadway at 20th 1/30

See the backend of that silver sedan running the light? Another car came through the intersection after it.

15th at Broadway 1/30

The driver of this Mercedes turned the corner and then just stopped, smack in the middle of the street.

Broadway at Cloverfield 1/30

Bicyclist ran the red light.

San Vicente at Anita 1/30

Nothing like glancing in the rearview mirror only to see a Range Rover thisclose and still accelerating. And look! There's Mojo, grinning up at me.

29 January 2008

Bundy below Dunoon 1/28

Betcha thought I'd given up on capturing hummers. No! I've been using two hands to drive in the rain and missed countless of them, including two stretch hummers in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium parking lot.

17th at Washington 1/28

Rumors of a gunman at Lincoln Middle School led the cops to shut down a nine-block square of northern Santa Monica.

Santa Monica at 17th 1/28

The bus, the car in front of me, and I all ran the light.

San Vicente at Bundy 1/28

New rule: if you've been behind a tow truck pulling a humongous RV at a stop light, then you are entitled to ignore any red lights that may come between you and it.

Bundy from Olympic to Wilshire 1/28

Spilling a steady stream of concrete as it drove north, this cement mixer barreled through the red light at Olympic.

17th at Ocean Park 1/28

That red light doesn't mean ME, does it? No, of course it doesn't!

20th at I-10 exit ramp 1/28

You can't really see in the photo but there are two more cars lined up behind the red one, blocking the intersection.

Washington at 26th 1/28

Didn't yield to traffic already in the circle.

Bundy at San Vicente 1/27

Crossroads of the Entitled, so of course this lady didn't stop.

20th at Delaware 1/27

Red light stop!

28 January 2008

Kenter from Bonhill to Hanley 1/27

Enforced a personal speed limit of 20mph up the hill.

San Vicente at 26th 1/27

Running red lights in the rain!

West Channel at Rustic 1/27

No good deed goes unpunished: the SUV allowed the sedan to pull out and turn left, so he pulls out and stops.

Kenter at Homewood 1/27

Didn't stop at the stop sign in front of the school during dropoff and then was weaving in and out of parking spaces up to the school.

26 January 2008

Bundy from Wilshire to San Vicente 1/26

All over the road, back and forth across the center line. And it's only quarter of seven.

Bundy at National 1/26

Blew through the red light.

Bundy at Wilshire 1/26

Didn't stop before turning right on red.

Pearl at Bundy 1/26

Ignoring the red light.

25 January 2008

I-10 transition ramp to the I-405 1/24

Nothing like being late for the class you're teaching, getting parked way up on the overpass and seeing nothing but a solid wall of red lights into which a long line of cars ahead of you is merging. And at that point you are committed. There is no turning back.

23 January 2008

20th from Pico to Colorado 1/23

Whipping in and out, tailgating, this Audi driver was generally unsafe and unpleasant to have on the road.

Ocean Park at 18th 1/23

Crosser and crosser! The flashing lights are going and everything!

Ocean Park at 18th 1/23

Makes me cross!

22 January 2008

26th at Santa Monica 1/22

This was the second of two cars here this morning. And you should have seen Wilshire and 26th! The light turned and there were so many cars still going through the intersection that I wondered if somthing was broken. But no, just a general lack of civility.

Ocean Park at 18th 1/22

Crosswalk means stop when someone crosses! And when you don't, that makes me cross!

21 January 2008

Gretna Green at Sunset 1/19

Keep clear! It irks me so when they park in front of our fire station.

Bundy at Wilshire 1/20

See those two cars in the left turn lane? They both went.

Overland at I-10 entrance ramp 1/18

Lots of cars through this light, as well as an obnoxious guy in a car filled to the brim with trash who wanted me to leap into traffic when it wasn't safe at all.

Don't remember where 1/19

But dang! Look how close he's following me!

26th and Washington 1/19

Traffic circle challenged.

16 January 2008

17th at Washington 1/16

Aren't those red octagons soooo pretty?

San Vicente at Bundy 1/16

Gridlock today.

Kenter at Sunset 1/16

That's four: two you can see and two you can't because they're going east.

Kenter at Sunset 1/16

Another for the wall o'shame. Nowhere to go but by Gawd we're all of us goin'!

Kenter above Bundy 1/16

My trainer Ryan said today he saw a commercial touting 16mpg highway for the h3. We were both skeptics.

Broadway at 20th 1/16

This van was all over the road, and when a bunch of cars queued up to turn right he moved to the left lane, only to veer back into the through lane, cutting off this lady.

Broadway at Cloverfield 1/16

Could you guess that there's a freeway access point somewhere on Cloverfield? You'd be right.

26th below Washington 1/16

Turn lane? Or personal car pool lane?

San Vicente at Burlingame 1/16

That car poking out? Moving backwards. But he didn't back up far enough for anyone in my lane to get by. We're entitled, but he's more entitled. Oh well!