30 November 2007

Kenter at Sunset 11/30

Yes, as strange as it may seem, that is the USPS in a big hurry, running the light.

17th at Alta 11/30

Didn't stop at the sign.

20th at Olympic 11/30

The dealers say the hummer gets 12mpg in highway driving. Puffy Combs says it has two tanks (32 gal main tank and 17 gal auxiliary) and it takes three to drive to San Francisco. You do the math; I did, and Puffy's not getting anywhere near the advertised 12mpg for highway driving.

Ocean Park at Bundy 11/30

See? there are two cars running the light here.

Purdue at the alley behind Pico 11/30

This is an LA County vehicle parked here.

Entrada at PCH 11/30

The hummers are deadly to people in the other cars in a accident, too.

Ord at Broadway 11/30

Downtown red light violation!

Ocean Park at 18th 11/30

OK this guy slowed down for me in the crosswalk but then changed his mind and blew by me.

20th at Ocean Park 11/30

Thoughtfully blowing his horn as he blows through the light.

Ocean Park at 18th 11/30

I was standing in the rain, the crosswalk lights flashing, and the cars just kept whizzing by. Usually I force the issue by stepping into traffic, but the streets are extra-slick because it's the first rain of the season. It would have been truly death-defying, but I'm not up to it this morning.

Broadway at 20th 11/30

This morning's rain seems to have put the kibosh on most craziness, but I did find this guy using the center turn lane for cruising by traffic. His headlights aren't on, either.

29 November 2007

San Vicente at Bundy 11/29

That silver sedan pulled out of the gas station through the left turn lane to run the light onto San Vicente. Shameless!

Bundy at San Vicente 11/29

Nascent gridlock.

Wilshire at Bundy 11/29

In one light cycle I've photographed five red light violations.

Wilshire at Bundy 11/29

Same red light violated again!

Wilshire at Bundy 11/29

Red light stop!

Wilshire at Yale 11/29

I didn't know that leading off the base was legal on the street too. This bus was well over the crosswalk by the time the light turned green.

Wilshire at Yale 11/29

Two blatant red light violations. I knew there was a reason I try to avoid Wilshire.

Wilshire at 23rd 11/29

The full-fashion hummer.

Exposition at National 11/29

You can see how late this guy is in starting through the intersection. He doesn't even enter it until my light is green.

National at Palms 11/29

Thought I'd missed it, put the camera down, and zooooom! Another red light blatantly run. And I caught it!

I-10 exit ramp at National 11/29

Two cars through the light this time.

I-405 below Wilshire 11/29

Another hummer, this one going too fast.

Kenter across from the school 11/29

"I stay away from them. They attract a more aggressive driver."

San Vicente at Bundy 11/29

This one too. Same light.

San Vicente at Bundy 11/29

Ran the light.

Wilshire at Bundy 11/29

Right turn only? Surely you can't mean ME!

Barrington Post Office 11/29

See that curb? Red. What you can't see is the phalanx of legal parking spaces that are merely a few additional feet from the door of the PO. But hey! It's Entitlement! You can't expect them to (shudder) walk!

San Vicente at Gretna Green 11/29

First he turned in front of me without stopping at the stop sign. Then he did 40 down San Vicente, where the speed limit is 35. Yes, I know everyone goes 40 and faster, but he's driving a school bus, for Pete's sake.

San Vicente near Carmelina 11/28

Did you know that GM is not legally required to state the EPA mileage figures for the hummer because it's over some weight limit? I learned this yesterday when I was looking to confirm my 8 city/12 highway figures.

Sunset at Gretna Green 11/29

All these parents are dropping off their precious darlings at the Archer School bus stop. You'd think healthy kids like these could hoof it the extra twenty feet if their parents pulled forward far enough to park at the side of the road instead of the middle, but I guess they're Entitled!

26th at Washington 11/28

Going waaaay faster than the posted 25mph through the traffic circle.

28 November 2007

why i so dislike hummers

people have asked why the hummer?

Hanley at Hanley 11/28

If I were forced to cross over the double yellow line around a blind curve by the presence of a bigass rolloff dumpster (supporting the serious uglification of this house) I think I'd slow down maybe just a little.

Bundy at Olympic 11/28

This minivan just blew through the red left turn light.

Ocean Park at 18th 11/28

Blew through the crosswalk while I was in it.

27 November 2007

Yale at Santa Monica 11/27

Lunch madness! No one could imagine parking anywhere else, so both these cars are waiting in the street for a space in the lot to open up. Meanwhile, the light cycles on and the rest of us wait and wait.

I-405 above Wilshire 11/27

This guy crossed the double yellow line into the carpool lane, even though he was alone in his car.

Sunset at Barrington 11/27

This happens a lot here: people forget the "if it's clear" part of "right turn on red after stop." Actually, a lot of them omit the "stop" part, too.

Ocean Park at 18th 11/27

OMG this woman didn't have the sense the lord gave cole slaw. She wanted my parking space so she pulled up in front of me blocking the right lane. Then traffic pulled up next to me, blocking me from pulling out. Then I backed up a little so I could get by her and she backed into that space immediately, blocking my exit again!

Ocean Park at Bundy 11/27

Red light stop!

Ocean Park at 18th 11/27

Nothing I want to have bearing down on me in the crosswalk...

Ocean Park at 18th 11/27

Crosswalk violation, one in a long string.

San Vicente west of Carmelina 11/27

Trixie's birthday hummer!

26 November 2007

Santa Monica Municipal Parking lot 4 11/26

OK I did exactly the same thing on the next level because the big arrow points the wrong way, and so does this guy. But I had to back up and so did the Jag behind me and it took everyone a long time to figure it out.

26th above Wilshire 11/26


25 November 2007

I-10 at Western 11/25

Hummer, only one of probably ten I've seen this week.

I-10 west of Fairfax 11/25

This BMW was tailgating with less than a car's length between it and the car in front of it at over 70mph. Happy Thanksgiving!

21 November 2007

Sunset at the I-405 on ramp 11/21

This guy slimed his way to the on ramp in the left lane and then forced the merge. Of course, getting on the 405N at 3:30pm on Thanksgiving eve, well, it's its own punishment.

Sunset west of Bellagio 11/21

Just a photo of some serious Thanksgiving traffic. Not breaking any laws, just registering some flabbergast.

Veteran at Sunset 11/21

These two cars just ignored the light and drove right on through. It's not like their momentum carried them through. This was deliberate.