30 April 2008

Hanley at Rochedale 4/30

Didn't stop at the stop sign.

20th at Wilshire 4/30

Ran the light.

20th at California 4/30

Missed the stop sign.

Bonhill at Skyewiay 4/30

Admittedly there are two stop signs in close succession here, but the intent is that you stop at both of them.

29 April 2008

Kenter at Homewood 4/29


Ocean Park at 20th 4/29

Ran the light.

18th at Ocean Park 4/29

Crosswalk violation. I think someone got killed here this afternoon, because when we showed up for lunch there were about six cop cars, a green sedan up on the sidewalk, and the cops spent the entire hour-and-a-half (that's 150 minutes, for those of you who are trying to book my time) meticulously photographing and measuring and recording and videoing. They all cleared out just as we finished.

17th at Arizona 4/29

Crossing outside the crosswalk, against the light.

Arizona between 16th and 17th 4/29

Getting directions blocks traffic in both directions.

20th at Wilshire 4/29

A busy morning for the Entitled today.

I-405 at Santa Monica 4/28

Carpool lane violation.

Entrada at West Channel 4/29

Another car not stopping for a pedestrian and his mom.

7th at Idaho and Washington 4/29

At back-to-back stop signs this Lexus didn't stop for two pedestrians.

Santa Monica at Lincoln 4/29

Ran the light.

Kenter at Sunset 4/29

...here are the last two. Because my Treo is extremely slow between photos, three others went through the light between these two photos.

Kenter at Sunset 4/29

In their exuberance over Joe's birthday today six cars ran this one red light this morning. Here's one...

28 April 2008

San Vicente at 26th 4/28


17th at Alta 4/28


Westwood at Young North 4/28

Students defying death. Darwinists need not apply.

Weyburn at Glendon 4/28

Steamrollin' down the wrong side of the street.

I-405 at Santa Monica 4/28

Tailgating at 70 mph.

I-10 at I-405 4/28

No one can figure out the merge at rhe end of this ramp, where the on traffic mixes with the off traffic.

Broadway at 17th 4/48

Buncha cars through the light.

27 April 2008

Blockbuster parking lot 4/27

Note the American flag magnet. This is hummer patriotism. To me it most resembles jingoism.

26 April 2008

San Vicente at Burlingame 4/26

Weaving in and out of traffic and going too fast. How do I know? Well, I'm doing just under 40; it's a 35mph zone. He's ripping by and around and through us like we're doing 20 or so.

San Vicente at 7th 4/26

You can't see it in the photo, but when she turned left onto San Vicente, about a quart of gasoline came sloshing out of her tank, spilling down the right side panel and onto the road. Definitely death-defying, seeing that she's also smoking.

25 April 2008

Gorham at Westgate 4/25

Didn't actually stop at the stop sign.

Broadway west of 16th 4/25

I'm not sure what the hazards on at the parking meter mean. Maybe Entitled to Park Without Paying?

26th at Washington 4/24

The problem with traffic circle is this: the basic premise is that both streets are equal. But then when a car is inside the circle, it becomes more equal than those outside the circle.

20th at Broadway

Ran the light.

20th at Pico 4/25

Merging into the through lane from the right-lane-must-turn-right lane.

24 April 2008

Santa Monica at 16th 4/24

Ewwwww a gross horsefly hummer, says Trix.

Cloverfield approaching Broadway 4/24

Hummer in moto.

Cooportunity parking lot 4/24

Hummer again, in the disabled slot. Again. Maybe they do have a physical disability, too. Maybe.

National at Palms 4/24

Silver sedan through the light.

I-10 at National all the way to Palms 4/24

See how close the red car is to the one in front of her? Because that's how close she followed all of us, on the freeway at speed, down the exit, through the light, around the wacky 10mph bend before Motor, and I can only presume, everywhere else she drives.

I-10 exit at National 4/24

Yes, the white minivan just made a left on red.

Sunset at Kenter 4/24

Buncha cars through the light.

Sunset at Medio 4/24


San Vicente at Anita 4/24

Tailgated. Superclose.

23 April 2008

Bundy at Kenter 4/23

I had to put the Honda's brakes to the test to defy death.

San Vicente at 26th 4/23

Two cars through the light.

Bundy at Montana 4/23

OMG! He just littered!

20th at Broadway 4/23

See that silver van in the middle? It went through the light.

San Vicente at 26th 4/23

Ran the light.

San Vicente from 7th to 17th 4/23

Doing probably 50 or so in the 35mph zone.

20th below Arizona 4/23


20th at Santa Monica 4/23

Another car through the very same red light.

20th at Santa Monica 4/23

Ran the light.

Olympic at Hope 4/22

More from Drivin' Mamma's adventures downtown: cop runs the light!