28 February 2009

The kitchen floor 2/28

Done with jacket!

Hanley at Rochedale 2/28

Visitors from Vegas didn't bother with the stop sign.

Bundy at Missouri 2/28

Red truck ran the light.

Kenter at Tuallitan 2/28


The kitchen by the door 2/28

Recycling overflowing!

The kitchen counters 2/28

Peanut butter, cashews, bell pepper, rice (empty wrapper and the dish), carrots, yogurt, sriracha sauce, garlic and peel, knife, cutting board. Done making breakfast!

26 February 2009

Olympic at Bundy 2/26

Mini totally ran the light.

Sawtelle at Olympic 2/26

Ah the rich social fabric that is Los Angele!

26th at Santa Monica 2/26

Ran the light.

Sunset at Mandeville 2/26

Bicyclist just hanging out in the middle of the intersection.

Veteran at Ohio 2/26

Both these silver sedans ran the light here.

Pico at Sawtelle 2/26

White sedan and another both turned left after the light turned red.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/26

Crosswalk violation.

25 February 2009

24 February 2009

Kenter at the school 2/24

The red zone is parking for the Entitled only.

Kenter at Sunset 2/24

Ran the light.

Behind the library 2/24

No free parking spaces? Never mind, we're entitled.

Sunset at Beverly 2/24

Well now it wouldn't be Tuesday without a little KEEP CLEAR.

San Vicente at Avondale 2/24

This lady really really had to tailgate the car that was in front of me so she dove into my safe following distance without signaling or anything.

Kenter at Sunset 2/24

The same Impala driver in the previous photo. Here she's too busy texting to pay attention to driving.

Kenter at the school 2/23

Another expensive car that apparently doesn't come with turn signals.

23 February 2009

San Vicente at 7th 2/23

I'm doing 38. The speed limit is 35. He ripped by me like I was standing still.

7th at something 2/23

Turned left in front of me as I plunged around a blind downhill curve.

San Vicente at Gretna Green 2/23

Black Lexus SUV ran the stop sign and is now speeding down San Vicente.

Kenter all the way down 2/23

Either he has no brake lights or he's doing amazing things with his clutch.

21 February 2009

Sepulveda at Ohio 2/21

Parked in the disabled space with no placard or evident disability beyond a crippling sense of entitlement.

Veteran at Wilshire 2/21

A silver mask on the back of his head but no helmet.

20 February 2009

Kenter at Sunset 2/20

Ran the light.

26th at San Vicente 2/20

Clipped a parked VW today trying to parallel park improperly. Left my phone number. Now I'm all freaked about insurance fraud, so I took this photo just to document the minimal damage to MY vehicle.

Bundy at Gorham 2/2

No helmet and on the phone on his bike.

Wilshire at Bundy 2/20

Ran the light.

Santa Monica at Yale 2/20

Ran the light.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/20

Crosswalk violation.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/20

The butt end of a crosswalk violation.

Sunset at I-405 2/20

This guy's pants cuffs are stuffed into his socks for a totally style-defying look.

19 February 2009

Gretna Green at Montana 2/19

These pendejos pulled into the intersection and just sat there, blocking traffic in all directions even though there was no place for their cars to go NOR was it their turn in the rotation at the stop sign.

Kenter at Bundy 2/19

Turning right from the through lane.

Montana at Bundy 2/19

Ran the light.

Santa Monica at Wellesley 2/19

Barely slowed for the pedestrian.

Franklin at Arizona 2/19

No helmet on Dad, one hand holding Baby's helmet on, running stop signs.