29 March 2008

Barrington station post office 3/29

Parking styles of the Entitled IV.

Barrington station post office 3/29

Parking styles of the Entitled III.

Barrington station post office 3/29

Parking styles of the Entitled II.

Barrington station post office 3/29

Parking styles of the Entitled I.

Barrington below the park 3/29

Didn't stop for the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Ocean Park at 18th 3/29

Crosser and crosser!

7th at San Vicente 3/29

Let me clarify for the legions of idiots here: if you're turning left, by gawd TURN LEFT! Don't just pull into the intersection and stop. Like this jerk did.

Kenter at Sunset 3/29

Crossing against the light.

28 March 2008

Barrington at Wilshire 3/28

As I post these up I realize that Barrington is not a good northbound route to get from Palms to Brentwood. This lady just lurched out of the left turn lane to jump into the through lane in front of me.

Barrington at Santa Monica 3/28

See the truck behind the white van? It's the seafood truck that runs the light.

I-405 above Wilshire 3/28

Motorcyclist weaving in and out of the carpool lane.

Barrington below Barrington 3/28

Turning left. Oh, that's a turning lane?

Barrington at Sunset 3/28


Barrington at Santa Monica 3/28

Seafood truck ran the light.

Barrington at Olympic 3/28

Ran the light.

27 March 2008

Palms at Beeethoven 3/27

Whipped around me on the left but dang! Didn't make the light.

Bundy at Wilshire 3/27

This guy zipped ahead of the cars in the through lanes from the left turn lane.

Santa Monica at Bundy 3/27

Ran the light.

Bundy 3/27

Rode my bumper from Sunset to Dorothy.

San Vicente at Gorham 3/27

Turned into Whole Foods and wasn't that green?

Sunset at Barrington 3/27


Manning at Motor 3/27

Both these cars ran the light in front of me after I was well into the intersection.

Cloverfield at Delaware 3/27

Even though the light was green, I left the intersection clear because traffic was backed up on the other side. Then this genius pulled around me on the left and parked his Taurus in the middle. His plates say Oregon but his style says Entitlement.

26 March 2008

San Vicente at Gorham 3/26


Sunset at Church 3/26

This white van was the last of three cars to blow through the light.

I-405 above Sunset 3/26

Getting his 12mpg i'm sure.

I-405 aproaching Skirball 3/26

Tried to change lanes into me.

San Vicente at 7th 3/26

This mishmash was caused by two northbound lightrunners who were perturbed by our need to turn right on green.

Kenter at Sunset 3/26

Roach coach and station wagon run the light.

25 March 2008

Barrington at Santa Monica 3/25


Wilshire at Sepulveda 3/25

Just standing at the head of the left turn lane, shifting back and forth from foot to foot. Death-defying!

24 March 2008

Ocean Park at 18th 3/24

Failure to stop at flashing crosswalk for mom and toddler attempting to cross.

20 March 2008

Sunset at one of those streets 3/20

And we're back! She pulled her Audi out in front of me and then slowed way down.

17 March 2008

9th at 5th in Naples 3/17

Wretched excess--since we arrived this afternoon we've seen probably a dozen or more. And then: this stretch hummer.

15 March 2008

Tamiami Trail in Sarasota 3/15

Apparently gridlock can get really bad here!

13 March 2008


back on the streets on the 20th. may post on the way to the airport, as we still have to drive to two schools...

Kenter at Sunset 3/13

Off to a running start this morning!

12 March 2008

Kenter below Sunset 3/12

Gotta turn!

Princeton above Washington 3/12

One word: sidewalk!

Montana at Berkeley 3/12

Confused about his turn in the rotation.

California at Lincoln 3/12

Ran the light.

Olympic at Centinela 3/12

Hummer! A friend reminded me that the hummer exceeds the legal weight limit for residential streets. Let's enforce that!

Sawtelle below Stanwood 3/12

This taxi swerved waaaay over the double yellow line going waaaay too fast.

Pico at Sawtelle 3/12

Two cars through the light.

San Vicente at Bundy 3/11

Infuriating! I had to sit through two full light cycles because southbound traffic on Bundy so blocked the intersection that I could not squeeze my car through. And when I honked? They all looked indignant with me! The chutzpah. The cojones. The gall. The Entitlement. The rules do not apply to them.