16 February 2011

Motor at Washington 2/16

The rest of the world has gone stark raving mad, but we're still running red lights in Entitlement.

14 February 2011

Westwood at Wilshire 2/14

From our guest blogger, Alberta.  Apparently this MTA bus is stopped in the intersection, blocking traffic.  That is one sure way to generate a good feeling for the Metro on the west side of Entitlement!

12 February 2011

Blockbuster parking lot 2/12

Parked (mostly) in the handicapped space. No visible tags. But a convertible's gotta be parked somewhere, right?  And you can't just drive for minutes looking for a legal space.  And that handicapped space is just there, no one's using it...

08 February 2011

Rodeo at Coliseum 2/8

If you look closely you can see the lady and her young daughter crossing against the light.

Rodeo at Clyde 2/8

Ran the light in order to block the intersection.