31 October 2008

San Vicente at Montana 10/31

I loooove Entitlement, where we can drive on the sidewalks. If we have to. If we drive the right car.

30 October 2008

San Vicente at Carmelina 10/30

Tailgated. Then whipped around me going too fast.

25 October 2008

PCH below California 10/25

Goddamned stretch hummer. Words do not exist to capture the rage it evokes in me.

24 October 2008

Sunset at Granville 10/24

Keep clear!

Sunset at Gretna Green 10/23

A dozen fire trucks and about twenty CHP cruisers lined up all ready to go in case the order comes down to evacuate Brentwood if necessary.

21 October 2008

Sunset at Kenter 10/21

This guy is so anxious to turn that when a 4-foot gap opened up in front of me he leaned on the horn. And again when the light turned red. Which of course only made me that much more deliberate as I carefully made my unprotected left turn.

San Vicente at 26th 10/21


20 October 2008

Sunset at Bellagio 10/20

Today is the last day to register to vote. Where's the petition to get these hummers off our streets?

At the end of my driveway 10/19

Some of those rentacops ain't got the sense the good lord gave cole slaw. How the hell am I supposed to get coffee?

17 October 2008

UCLA Lot 4 exit 10/17

Spraypainted on the side of the van: royalvisionhealth.com. Yes, that's where I'm getting my referrals, spraypainted on the sides of beater cars.

I-405 below the airport 10/17

A supershiny h1 driven by a lovely girl wearing a bright yellow flashdance sweatshirt.

I-405 below the airport 10/17

See the car in the rearview mirror? She's less than two car lengths behind me and we're going 75mph.

Bundy at Wilshire 10/17

Hummers. I'm seeing more and more of them and I wonder why.

Kenter at Sunset 10/17

Keep clear!

16 October 2008

Smackdown: Joe the plumber v. Joe six-pack

Since I can't shoot and drive anymore, guess I'll just shoot. Here's a little fun from Google trends: Joe the plumber is off to a good start, but will he have the lasting power of Joe six-pack?

But more to the point, what does this Google trends graph indicate? The searchers, if not the voters, have spoken. Or does it mean that Obama's supporters are more savvy about the use of the Internets to find information about the candidate?

15 October 2008

Sunset at Cliffwood 10/15

After the light turned red this hummer rolled slowly and deliberately into the intersection.

Sunset at Anita 10/15


Rochedale at Hanley 10/15

Ran the stop sign. And the one at Kenter. And at Tuallitan. And at Bonhill. And we were both stopped at the same light at Sunset. But he had to sit there longer than I did.

05 October 2008

I-10 exit at National 10/5

This woman pulled into the intersection and when the light turned green she had nowhere to go. So she stayed in the intersection.

03 October 2008

Sunset at Church 10/3

Gridlock baby gridlock.

Sunset from Allenford to the palisades 10/3

The traffic around the middle school is lousy with hummers every day all day. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see any reason beyond wretched excess for driving one. That said? I would NEVER get one in shortbus yellow.