27 August 2013

Butt-sniff #4

These posts are easier to write when the date doesn't work out as well.

Butt-sniff number four was quite promising.  He came to my panel discussion and sat tolerantly through the whole of it.  We had originally planned to get a drink afterwards, but he sussed out that I'd not had dinner and steered us towards food instead.  He is handsomer in person than his photos, he smelled nice, and he is just as tall as he says he is online (which bodes well for the other things he's said about himself online).  And that means that I can wear my 4" orange platforms and still look up to him, just a bit.  At one point he said, "Yes, I think we both can be a little pedantic."  He offered the burgers and beer, and when I quibbled, said that I could leave the tip.  He walked me to my car, and asked my permission before kissing me lightly at the evening's end.


We have a second date scheduled for tomorrow lunch.

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