30 June 2009

Kenter at the school 6/30

Pulled right up next to the No Parking sign on the red curb and parkedd.

28 June 2009

Cheviot Hills Park 6/28

These people have brought not only Adrianna, a very entitled and intrusive 4yo who's been drinking coffee and demanding that I feed her, but also Clifford, a knee-high white dog tethered to the tree behind me. Clifford has not stopped yapping since he got here.

20 June 2009

Alley behind the library 6/20

Parked half in the space, half in the alley.

19 June 2009

18 June 2009

Kenter at Sunset 6/18

Ran the light.

Kenter at Skyewiay

Eschewed the stop sign.

Kenter at the school 6/18

Parked in the red.

Kenter at Sunset 6/18

Making an illegal right on red from the 'no turns' lane. Tried to make a double right turn lane but traffic was in his way.

The living room 6/18

Done with shoes two days ago!

16 June 2009

Bundy to San Vicente 6/16

You can almost see how closely this hummer is following the gold sedan; at times it was less than 3 feet.

Sunset at Kenter 6/16

Another 45 seconds, four more cars running the light.

Sunset at Kenter 6/16

Four cars ran the light here on this signal cycle. It's a 45-second cycle, so extrapolating from there you get a mind-boggling number of violations every HOUR.

San Vicente at Avondale 6/16

You can't see her, but there's a pedestrian trying to cross here. The big truck stopped for her, so the silver Lexus whipped into the bike lane to pass.

Allenford at the school 6/16

Using more.

San Vicente at Carmelina 6/16

Could the Acura drive any closer to the beemer? Yes. And he did.

15 June 2009

San Vicente at 26th 6/15

Ran the light.

San Vicente from 26th onward 6/15

Driving and talking on the phone (and holding it in one hand) and taking extensive notes with a pen and a piece of paper, using the steering wheel as a desk. While doing about 40mph.

12 June 2009

Avondale at 26th 6/12

This is the back end of an Escalade disappearing the wrong way down a one-way alley. After I took this photo a Volvo followed it.

Kenter at Bundy 6/12

The black Suburban used the oncoming traffic lane as a left turn lane, driving down the wrong side of the street before finally cutting off the white sedan and forcing his way into the proper lane.

Entrada at Mesa 6/12

Ran the light.

San Vicente at 25th 6/12

Cop in unmarked car with illegally tinted windows doing 45mph in the 35mph zone.

San Vicente at Montana 6/12

Black and silver SUVs running the light.

The kitchen 6/12

Done with groceries!

11 June 2009

Bundy at San Vicente 6/11

Not sure where this guy thinks he's going, but it seems to involve going the wrong way down Bundy here.

Sunset at Kenter 6/11

See that car in my mirror? She's driving on the wrong side of the double yellow line.

Kenter at Homewood 6/11

Keep clear doesn't even begin to capture it here.

San Vicente at 26th 6/11

Playing 'Freebird' really loud and singing along.

Ocean Park at 18th 6/11

Crosswalk violation.

Ocean Park at 18th 6/11

On the phone, nearly ran me down in the crosswalk.

San Vicente at 7th 6/11

OMG! Dude! Where's your shirt?

10 June 2009

Sunset at Kenter 6/10

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Saltair 6/10

Keep clear!

Montana at San Vicente 6/10

Blue Mini ran the light.

San Vicente at Anita 6/10

Came from behind me, passed me on the right, dove into the safe following distance I'd left behind the Beemer, tailgated the Beemer, and then slammed on the brakes to turn left.

San Vicente at 25th 6/10

Just driving down that lane with the dashed line in the middle.

Kenter at the school 6/9

The red zone is parking for the Entitled.

San Vicente at Carmelina 6/10

Driving with no hands while she blows her nose.

08 June 2009

Sunset at Riviera Ranch 6/8

Black Mercedes tried to merge into the silver Honda.

17th above Wilshire 6/8

Riding down the wrong side of the street.

Lincoln at Pico 6/8

If you look closely you can see the homeless guy ambling across the street against the light.

7th at Kingman 6/8

I don't know that I'd follow the port-a-potty pumper truck quite this closely, especially around fast downhill blind curves.