29 July 2008

28 July 2008

Kenter at Tuallitan 7/28

Black pickup rollllllled through the stop sign.

27 July 2008

San Vicente at Montana 7/27

Swerved right and drove in the parking lane then veered left to nearly cream me.

24 July 2008

San Vicente at 26th 7/24

Trix is away at camp and Joe's camp has a bus, so I'm not driving much this week. But they're still out there, running lights and stuff.

23 July 2008

Kenter at Tuallitan 7/23

Looky there, we got ourselves a brand-spanking-new stop sign this morning.

19 July 2008

San Vicente at Gorham 7/20

The drivers of these two were having a fistfight: the white SUV honked and then slowed down and sped up to not let the black sedan change lanes.

15 July 2008

Hanley at Rochedale 7/15

Didn't stop for the stop sign.

Sunset at Swarthmore 7/15

Ran the blinking red light at the crosswalk.

Sunset at Burlingame 7/15

Hummer mostly ran the light; she screeched to a stop in the middle of the intersection and then seemed at a loss.

09 July 2008

08 July 2008

Sunset at Brooktree 7/8

Tailgated. So very closely.

Bundy at La Grange 7/8

There is only one lane here but this Cadillac driver made two cars fit all the way to Olympic. There are words for that but I'm not going to use them here.

Wilshire at Bundy 7/8

Only one of the four cars turning here was in the intersection when the light changed.

Hanley at Rochedale 7/8

Way over the double yellow line.

Kenter at Tigertail 7/8

Keep clear!

Pico at 34th 7/8

Ran the light.

Bundy at Wilshire 7/8

Couldn't bring himself to turn left and so was stuck in the intersection.

01 July 2008

San Vicente at Gretna Green 7/1

This Jaguar driver didn't stop at the stop sign causing me to brake swerve and swear. Then he sped down San Vicente weaving in and out. And then fancy that, both of us waited at the same signal at 26th.