08 November 2010

Rochedale at Hanley and Hanley at Hanley 11/8

First she ran the stop sign, then she stopped dead in front of me where there was no stop sign.  Awfully early to be driving that badly.

04 November 2010

21 October 2010

the kitchen counter 10/2 - present

Two weeks ago I was asked two days running to make second coffee.  Coffee out since then!

11 October 2010

Figueroa at Jefferson 10/11

Ran the light, both of 'em.

Kenter at Sunset and Sunset all the way to Barrington 10/11

This lady was one of four cars that ignored the fact that the protected left turn arrow had cycled off and just kept turning left in front of traffic that had the right of way going north on Kenter.  And then she was reading email or something on her iPhone, barely looking at the road at all.

Rochedale at Hanley 10/10

Blew through the stop sign.

07 October 2010

San Vicente at Bundy 10/7

Look, if you're not going to turn right, don't pull into the RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT lane.  Duh.

04 October 2010

Olympic at Centinela 10/2

This gentleman, when a gesture of hopelessness was made about his prior questionable manoeuvre, slammed on his brakes right in front of me with no warning but clear malice aforethought.  Really, sir?  You truly wish for me to slam my 32-year old bus into the back of your shiny late model BMW?

30 September 2010

Blockbuster parking lot 9/30

This fucker parked his Expedition in the handicapped unloading zone, clearly marked NO PARKING and then got all pissy when we called him on it.

23 July 2010

Sunset at Westgate 7/23

Keep clear!

San Vicente from 26th to Foxtail 7/23

Tailgated. And when I tapped the brake she pulled up even closer and stayed there. So I slowed to 20, which might have been a safe speed for that following distance, but she didn't want to drive 20.

06 July 2010

San Vicente at Montana 7/6

Holy mackerel, this guy is driving a stick shift AND DOING THE CROSSWORD in traffic!  I can't make this shit up, internet.  These are the mean streets of Entitlement.

17 June 2010

At the library 6/17

We don't need no stinkin' parking spaces!

San Vicente at Montana 6/17

Two more left turns on red on this phase of the light cycle.

San Vicente at Montana 6/17

Three left turns on red.

San Vicente at Bundy 6/17

Love love LOVE it when folks have to turn right from the left lane here.

16 June 2010

San Vicente at 26th 6/16

When the light is red, that means one is to stop and allow others to pass.

15 June 2010

7th at Kingman 6/15

Little fender bender provoked the hell out of this lady.

12 June 2010

11 June 2010

Kenter at Sunset 6/11

This lady was the third of three cars that blew through the red light at Kenter.

09 June 2010

Kenter at Tuallitan 6/9

Yes we're spilling thousands of gallons of oil every day so that people can run stop signs with their 8mpg hummers.  Wrong, just wrong, on so many levels.

San Vicente at Bundy 6/9

Left turn on red.

08 June 2010

Bundy at Sunset 6/8

Just as the light turned green that pickup pulled into the intersection, doubly blocking it.

07 June 2010

04 June 2010

The kitchen counter 6/4

Took our lunch to work Tuesday AND Wednesday.

Kenter at Tuallitan 6/4

Blew through the stop sign.

San Vicente at Bundy 6/4

This is the second of two cars to run the light on this cycle.

01 June 2010

Sunset at Chatauqua 6/1

Again I missed the photo, but the guy tailgated my ass so closely I couldn't see his headlights and then blew through the red light after cutting off someone else.

San Vicente at Gretna Green 6/1

Couldn't get a photo but there was a silver Mercedes that had pulled out of the condos onto San Vicente going the wrong direction, and there was a black Jeep trying to turn west onto San Vicente. The were having a serious standoff.

31 May 2010

The kitchen 5/31

Done making lunch!

The kitchen 5/31

You know he's seen it he's copy-edited it.

27 May 2010

San Vicente at Foxtail 5/27

All these jerks drove down the bike lane because traffic was backed up a little here, only there are cars parked and they can't get all the way down to 7th, so they all want us to let them back in. Which we seem reluctant to do. I wonder why?

San Vicente at Bundy 5/26

Left turn on red.