28 February 2010

27 February 2010

Sunset at Brooktree 2/27

Taking their cue from the Audi, all the Priuses (Prii?) began tailgating each other.

Sunset at Allenford 2/27

Driving without lighting.

Kenter at Robinwood 2/27

Ran the stop sign.

Sunset at Cliffwood 2/27

See the two pedestrians crossing Sunset against the light in the dark wearing dark clothing? They're crossing over to the makeshift memorial for the middle schooler who was killed here yesterday, hit by two cars while she was crossing Sunset against the light.

Sunset through the Palisades 2/27

This Audi tailgated me, then the white Prius, then the grey Prius, then the black Prius.

26 February 2010

Sunset at Kenter 2/26

The black SUV heading south on Kenter ran the light.

Barrington below Barrington 2/26

The white Tahoe is going at the excessively prudent speed of 15mph all the way up the hill.  The speed limit is 30.

Sunset at Kenter 2/26

Red car ran the light.

Barrington at Chayote 2/26

There was a pedestrian in the crosswalk, but this woman didn't even glance up from her...phone? manicure? head?  Who knows.

San Vicente at Barrington 2/26

Ran the light.

San Vicente at Montana 2/26

Turning right on red anyway.

San Vicente at Bundy 2/26

Two cars turning left on red.

San Vicente at Montana 2/26

Another black SUV running another light.

Barrington at San Vicente 2/26

See the black SUV on the far side of the light, headed up the hill?  Ran the light.

Santa Monica at Barrington 2/26

You can just see the back end of the green car that ran this light.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/26

See those kids there? The lights in the road are flashing, the big fluorescent yellow Pedestrian Crossing sign is flashing, and STILL this guy blew through the intersection like there was no tomorrow.

Ocean Park from Lincoln to 18th 2/26

Tailgated, and tailgated, and tailgated some more. When I stopped for a red light on an uphill slope he pulled up so close behind me that when I took my foot off the brake to put the car in gear I kissed his bumper.

Ocean Park at 7th 2/26

The silver car is just sitting there, blocking traffic.

Ocean at Montana and Washington 2/26

This guy HAD to be in front of everyone all the way down, so he swerved into the bike lane to whiz by two cars on the right. And here he is three signals later, with all of us slowpokes.

24 February 2010

Sunset from Royce to Cashmere 2/24

Tailgated me, then the guy next to me, then me again, then the white van, then...until I lost sight of him.

Kenter at Sunset 2/24

Ran the light. It was crraaazy out there today, folks.

The kitchen counter 2/24

Today was the 100th day of school but only the 38th day of science.

PCH below Beach House 2/24

These cars are all doing 50mph.

PCH above California 2/24

Texting and hotdogging.

PCH below the McClure tunnel 2/24

Tailgating at 60mph.

I-10 at 4th 2/24

This guy dove across three lanes of traffic, slammed on the brakes in front of me (at 60mph) and then jumped into the exit lane. Without signaling.

Ocean Park at 18th 2/24

Pedestrian? Crosswalk? Huh? Whaaa...?

Ocean Park at 7th 2/24

There are some Touareg drivers out there who need a lesson in automotive heredity. This guy just pulled out in front of me.

Ocean Park at Main 2/24

No transgressions here; I just liked the ziggurat-like and striped aspect of the tented library and the stripes in the street.

Ocean at Wilshire 2/24

Bicyclists running the light.

Ocean at California 2/24

MTA runs the light.

San Vicente at 20th 2/24

The red pickup first tried to merge directly into the brown Jeep.

San Vicente at 25th 2/24


Kenter at Sunset 2/24

Ran the light.

The front hall 2/23

Done with backpack!

23 February 2010

Kenter at Sunset 2/23

Above the black car you can glimpse a streak of blue, the second of two cars to run this light.

Kenter at Sunset 2/23

Above the silver car in front of me you can see a sliver of the first of two cars to run this light.

Bundy below Montana 2/23

We don't need no stinkin' lane lines!

Bundy at La Grange 2/23

Not sure what the infraction was, but the police were out of their car before it stopped rolling.

22 February 2010

Kenter at the school 2/22

A plethora of parking but SHE needs two spaces.

The kitchen 2/22

Still done with Saturday's breakfast!

Sunset at Kenter 2/22

Looks like this Metro bus tried to turn into someone's driveway. I have no idea what might have happened, but the aftermath was not pretty.

21 February 2010

Palisades Park 2/22

Parking for two.

Sunset from Church to Kenter 2/22

Driving handsfree, using his knee to steer while he waves one hand and texts with the other.

19 February 2010

Sunset at Kenter 2/19

Black pickup ran the light.

Sunset from Kenter to Mandeville 2/19

Tailgating: it's not just for Lexus and BMW drivers anymore.