29 January 2010

Kenter at the school 1/30

Yes, this car is parked.  Owner nowhere in sight.  You see, in Entitlement, we just leave our cars wherever the muse strikes.  Yes, that's the Parking Muse.  Also known as St. Otto, patron saint of parking.

San Vicente at Montana 1/30

Three cars through the light after it changed.

Kenter at Tuallitan 1/30

Eschewed the stop sign so as to turn left in front of me.

Kenter at Sunset 1/30

Tailgated all the way from San Vicente at Bundy.

Kenter at Sunset 1/30

Left turn on red after stop.

San Vicente from 7th to 26th

Tailgated relentlessly.

28 January 2010

Bundy at I-10 1/29

Illegal right turn on red.

San Vicente in the 20s 1/29

Bitch in the white Mercedes was tailgating someone when they slowed down to turn left. So she just threw her car into my lane without looking to see if anyone was already there.  Fortunately I'm quick on the brake. Hey lady, what's the matter, don't the brakes on that fancy truck work?

25 January 2010

Kenter from Bundy to Sunset 1/25

Tailgated relentlessly; I'd tap the brakes and she'd back off a bit and then speed up to be right on my bumper again.

Bundy at Exposition 1/25

Keep clear!

San Vicente from 26th to 7th 1/22

Saturday night, older BMW filled with pimply giggling young men, blasting music, and driving all over the road. Can't stay in their lane for love nor money. On the phone, too.

22 January 2010

Bundy at San Vicente 1/22

Was nearly killed outright by a woman who backed her blue-green Jeep Cherokee out of the alley, into the lefthand northbound lane, and then just drifted obliviously into the right lane as if she were the only car on the road, squeezing me between the parked cars and her. I had to slam on my brakes and honk and curse and screech to a halt and she just drove blithely on. When I caught up to her in the Vicente Foods parking lot and ripped her a new one I got a good look at her: definitely wall-eyed, to the extent that she probably shouldn't be driving. And then, as we drove away, Trix handed me a slip of paper. On it she had written down her license plate: 4DSC088. Beware. No photo because I left the phone at home.

San Vicente from 26th to 7th 1/22

Apparently the Prius is not just for the sanctimonious anymore.  This guy kept speeding up so that he was less than a car's length behind the car in front of him, and edging to the right into my lane like he was going to squeeze between us.  Sometimes he was so close I could have passed him a joint.

21 January 2010

Kenter at the school 1/21

We don't need no stinkin' lines!

Kenter at the school 1/21

Parked in the red.

Entrada below Mesa 1/21

Parking for the Entitled.

San Vicente at 19th to Channel at Mesa 1/21

This limo driver, TCP 18656, tailgated every car in front of him at less than a car's length. In the rain. I'm sure Darwin's laws of evolution will take effect soon enough, but I worry for who he'll take down with him.

San Vicente from 26th to 7th 1/21

Let's see, I was doing 40mph, so these guys had to be doing at least 50mph. Yes, the speed limit is 35.

19 January 2010

Entrada near PCH 1/19

Hey, who needs the sidewalk anyway? Nobody walks in LA. They even made a song about it.

15 January 2010

San Vicente from 17th to 26th

According to the "Your speed" sign, this guy was doing 53mph.

First Republic parking lot 1/15

Here in Entitlement we just leave our cars wherever the muse strikes.

San Vicente at 26th 1/15

That white car is the third through the light since it turned green.

14 January 2010

Bundy from Wilshire to Montana 1/14

She was driving all over both sides of the road, so I thought she must be newly arrived from England. Then I realized she was just another Lexus driver from Entitled who hadn't sprung for the spendy 'turn indicator' package when she screeched to an inexplicable halt in front of me.

Bundy at Wilshire 1/14

Big white pickup ran the light.

Bundy at Montana 1/14

This woman blew past me on the right, forcing two lanes where there is only one, and then at San Vicente she drifted right from the left turn lane, forcing me to yield my right of way twice in the space of a block and a half.  Why o why isn't driving while oblivious a capital offense?

San Vicente at 26th 1/14

All those cars in the intersection?  Parked.

13 January 2010

San Vicente at Bundy 1/13

Hummer. So very wrong.

Bundy at San Vicente 1/13

Hummer. Just wrong.

San Vicente at Montana 1/13

The camera on this device is slow and unreliable when it comes to shooting on the fly, so I didn't get the shot. But the driver of the Mercedes SUV ran the light. Can you imagine?

12 January 2010

San Vicente from 26th to Barrington 1/12

To be fair, the Porsche was driving perfectly innocuously. The asshole in the Mustang with the Michigan plates, however, was another story.

11 January 2010

06 January 2010