14 August 2013

On the internet we CAN tell you're a dog

Dear potential "Quiver" match,

If you send me a message and I reply gently that I think we're not a good match and wish you luck, do you REALLY need to respond with "Thanks, that frees me up to devote my time to someone who's compassionate and kind"?  I mean, OKCupid said "Y'all got issues" and had you looked at my profile beyond the smokin' hot photos I've posted, you'd see that while you believe that burning a flag is the greater crime, I believe that burning a book is, and while you favor faith over science, I am the polar opposite and that both of those issues are dealbreakers for both of us.  And sheesh, at least I had the decency to respond.  And I was respectful of your time; who wants to drive from Simi Valley for a first date that's so obviously not going to work out?

Of course, OK Cupid served me up to you as a potential mate, but I'm not one to just blindly accept the recommendations of an algorithm.  You know, as a believer in the importance of science over faith.

Thanks so much for confirming my decision, too.  No butt-sniffing for you!

Yours in Christ,
Not a good match

P.S. Finding me on the other dating site and winking and favoriting my profile there only validates my impression.

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