28 April 2010

Barrington approaching Sunset 4/28

She pulled out of the shopping area into oncoming traffic,and drove half a block down the wrong side of the yellow line. Her vanity tag reads "LA DSIGNR".  Doesn't that just say it all.

Kenter all the way down 4/28

Rode my bumper harder and harder the closer we got to Sunset.

Bundy at San Vicente 4/28

Maybe the right turn on red laws are different in Texas, but this guy didn't actually stop for the red light.

23 April 2010

Bundy at Wilshire 4/23

Ran the left turn signal.

Church at Sunset 4/23

Sunset was reduced to a crawl by some utility work going on here, so folks weren't clearing the intersection.

22 April 2010

San Vicente at Bundy 4/22

White sedan ran the light.

Rochedale and Hanley 4/22

California license 6JYL467, silver minivan, driven by a complete asshole with a "UCLA parent" window decal BLEW through the stop sign here and looked mighty indignant when I called him on it at the bottom of the hill.  Like I was the problem.

Rochedale at Hanley 4/22

Giddy with Earth Day festivities, she eschewed the stop sign here.

16 April 2010

San Vicente at Bundy and Kenter at Sunset 4/16

See that black VW SUV?  That asshole cut me off to turn right in front of me from the left lane at San Vicente, gave me the finger, did 50 up to Sunset, and then turned left from the center through lane, in front of all the folks lined up to do it legally from the left turn lane.  I don't wish anyone ill, but I do think that kind of karmic withdrawals will come with a high interest rate.

I-10 at Arlington 4/16

Inside that blue minvan, which is dodging and swerving from lane to lane at 75mph, is a lady sitting in the back seat holding an infant in her hands, raising him in the air, dandling him, playing with him.  Definitely death-defying, although he has no choice in the matter.

Sunset at Beverly 4/16

Keep clear!

I'm not sure when or where this is

But they're parked in the red.

Church at Sunset 4/12

Not clearing the intersection.

San Vicente at Avondale 4/16

See how closely they're all following each other?  And earlier that silver Audi in the middle dove into my safe following distance without signaling or giving any indication that I should slam on my brakes to accommodate her needs.

08 April 2010

San Vicente at Gorham 4/8

HAD to be in front of me so I had to jam on the brakes. Then he HAD to be in the left lane so he stopped dead in the road until there was an opening. All without signaling.

07 April 2010

Kenter at Tuallitan to San Vicente at 26th 4/7

Tailgated me all the way down the hill, and then did about 50 down San Vicente.