05 December 2008

Kenter at the school 12/5

Hummer parked illegally. Today is a good example of why I get my panties in a wad about this stuff. This afternoon there was an incident at the school involving a naked man with a gun. (Don't you love LA?) No one was hurt and the principal and staff locked down the campus superfast, and the police came and took him away right away. As we were walking out, Joe spied two police cars parked in the red zone in front of the school and said, "Take their picture mamma! They're parked in the red zone!" So I explained to him how the red zone was parking only for emergency vehicles, and the police cars were emergency vehicles and so it was OK for them to be parked there. Then he looked up and saw the dozen other police cars ranged along the side of the road between the school and the corner, and he said, "Mamma, what was the emergency?"

So I told him briefly that there had been some excitement, but it was all over, and there had been a naked man who had a gun who came onto the yard, but that the police had arrested him and he wouldn't be back for a very long time, if ever. I tried to keep my tone even and cheerful and not worry him. He said, "Naked? With a gun? UNacceptable!" And that was that.

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