17 December 2008

Geeking search and apologia 12/17

So the naked gunman incident drove us some traffic, because it's spiked in the last day or two from about 6 hits a day to well over 60. Here's a link to the LAPD blog describing the official version of the event. The most traffic still came from blogger, actually (folks just hitting the 'next blog' link I think) but short on its heels were the two queries "kenter gun incident" and "kenter school gun".

Of course, I have to say that these photos are exactly what the naked gunman is complaining about. And let me stress that the subjects of these photos are not exceptional or unusual. You could stand on the corner across from the naked gunman's house for just half an hour on a single weekday morning and see all these trespasses and much worse re-enacted over and over and over again. I'm not excusing his behavior in any way; there are gazillions of responses to such madness better than the one he chose. I do see where someone could be upset by the utter lack of respect displayed by a significant number of those who drive to and from our school. Heck, I am upset by it; it drives this outlet for my own road rage.

This is why I didn't go to tonight's meeting. Because I know I'd say some of these things out loud.

And that would just be trouble.

For those of you who might see yourself in these pages and be angered, I ask only that you consider what behavior it was that landed you here. What example are we setting for our children?

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