22 January 2010

Bundy at San Vicente 1/22

Was nearly killed outright by a woman who backed her blue-green Jeep Cherokee out of the alley, into the lefthand northbound lane, and then just drifted obliviously into the right lane as if she were the only car on the road, squeezing me between the parked cars and her. I had to slam on my brakes and honk and curse and screech to a halt and she just drove blithely on. When I caught up to her in the Vicente Foods parking lot and ripped her a new one I got a good look at her: definitely wall-eyed, to the extent that she probably shouldn't be driving. And then, as we drove away, Trix handed me a slip of paper. On it she had written down her license plate: 4DSC088. Beware. No photo because I left the phone at home.

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